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The successful management of project, programs, and portfolios requires processes and tools executed by trained and competent people. This site provides some of the resources that support this effort.
A sampling of the resources is below. This selection is driven by my current business interest, but more resources are available on the pages to the left.

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There is a discussion about the principles and practices of "Adaptive-Agile" Project management. A Declaration of Independence has been posted on the Agile Project Management forum. As a project and program manager I was encouraged by this effort, but a couple of the Six Core Values did not resonate with me.

I assembled my trusty "check list" of project management processes - emphasis process not methodologies into a single place. In anticipation of the APM Core Values taking hold, I'm looking for places in our current practices to apply them.

The beginnings of an extended essay on Project Management as a Systems Engineering process
New Project Management resources for IMP/IMS
Extreme Programming and Scrum "pictures on a single page" provide a quick introduction to these agile development methods.
My interest in Steve Devaux's Total Project Management book has led me deep into "Real Options" theory for use in software project decision making. Here's a collection of papers on the subject. This topic is the "next big thing" in portfolio management and decision making in the presence of uncertainty.
An essay on a recent ASAPM paper on unplanned external events disrupted projects describes how to think about this problem in a more consistent manner
"Using Balanced Scorecard to Development a Project Based IT Organization," Balanced Scorecard Symposium, October 28,29, and 30, San Francisco.
"Managing XP Project with Earned Value," is a paper presented at the Agile Development Conference, Salt Lake City Utah, June 25 2003.
Agile Project Management discussion resources. This is a set of resources for moving forward on the discussion "are traditional waterfall process appropriate for emerging software development project."



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