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Knowledge is of two kinds; we know a subject ourselves, 

or we know where we can find information upon it.

                                                    Samuel Johnson

The following is a list of books, articles, and other references I regularly use in my personal and "work a day" world. This list is far from exhaustive, but represents a working set of knowledge about system architecture, software design, and the management of software development projects. I continuously add to this list as I discover new material. With a nearly unlimited number of resources in cyberspace, it is not only impossible to keep up, it is also very difficult to sort out the good form the not so good. My test of goodness is "does this make sense to me?," and "can I actually confirm that the concepts in the material can be used in practice with measurable results?" The following list has served me well over time. I hope it serves you as well.

Where possible hyperlinks to the book's purchase source are provided.

The most recent additions to the list are on the top. This does not mean they are "ranked" Number 1

My "Going to Buy" Stack

Here's a list of books I've promised myself  I'm going to buy and read. This list comes from other's recommendations, so I'll reserve judgment.

My Current Reading Stack

Here's a list of books I'm currently working my way through. These are varied topics and may seem strange at first, but in fact they are all connected in some way.

Reading Lists From Others

Software Professionals Must Read List

This is a list of books that any professional in the computer business must have read at sometime to be called a professional.

Books that Influenced Me

Business Recommendations with short reviews

This is a list of books that I've recently finished and would recommend to others. Both short and long reviews are here.

My Personal Recommendations

General Project Management

Here are some books on general project management I refer to all the time.

Agile Project Management Reading List

The following list provides resources for software project management. This list includes books and papers on a variety of topics.

Process Improvement and SW Engineering

The process improvement process is now a Critical Success Factor on most development projects. The following text are a starting point for this vast subject.

Software Quality Assurance

These are either focused on the processes used to test and deploy applications software or they use techniques that are no longer valid in the Object Oriented development paradigm.

Software Metrics and Processes

How long will it take to build a building can be estimated by how much steel there is to erect.

Requirements Engineering

This is an area of intense research and activity. It is also an area that I actually know something about in detail.

Risk Management

Risk management is project management for adults.

The following reading list is my "working" materials for risk management.

Performance Analysis, Queuing Theory and Other Mathematical Resources

One issue in the software project management domain is determining how the system will behave once it is functional. Waiting until it is functional to find out can be disastrous.

Decision Support Analysis

Much of this work can be used for formal project management processes. You should be careful though not to believe the numbers without understanding the underlying models.

Object and Pattern Topics and Corba

The subject of Object Oriented analysis and design is both broad and deep. The following readings only scratch the surface and don't represent any substantial survey of the subject.

UML Books

UML is the now the norm for defining, designing, and even coding OO systems. The following books form the basis of any UML understanding. The current UML notation is being extended to the web as well as software estimating techniques.

Java Sites and Books 

The following is a list of Java books that I have used to design and develop applications. There are hundred's of Java books. Sorting them out is a big problem, since new ones appear almost daily. One test of a Java book, is to determine if it adds to the knowledge base.

Business Process Improvement

The following texts are necessary for any understanding of the business process improvement and therefore mandatory reading for anyone claiming to be a consultant in the field of business improvement, either technical or administrative.

Math and Science Books

In order to adequately claim knowledge about modern computing and software systems some fundamental training in mathematics is needed. The following texts should be found on every professionals shelf.

Antiquarian Book Sellers & Book Review Sources

Book Inventory

The books on the shelf at home and in the office are contained in Book Inventory pdf27K.

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