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My Current Reading Stack

Books that are underway and will be finished "soon." Yes, this is the current list! I'm the son of a university librarian, so multiplexing books comes in the genes

Design for Six Sigma

Design for Six Sigma is the current approach for deploying Six Sigma in an organization. The business does not have to be manufacturing.

Prime Obsession, John Derbyshire, Joseph Henry Press, 2003

This is a survey of Riemann's "obsession" with the search for the Prime Number theorem. 

Balancing Agility and Discipline: A Guide for the Perplexed.

This is the book that was discussed at the Agile Development Conference in July of '03. It lays out the argument between extremist and traditionalist

Portable MBA in Marketing

This is one of those "bible" books that is needed on every business development managers bookshelf.

Built to Last, Jim Collins.

This is the first book by Collins with the second being Good to Great. Both are mandatory reading for anyone managing in a modern business.

The GE Way Fieldbook. This is a field book in the model of of Senge's Fifth Discipline.

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan.

With all the touchy feely books about managing, this is a breath of fresh air and a return to the no-nonsense approaches of the past. The Jack Welsch incubator produced Bossidy and he describes how he manages Allied Signal.

Red Rabbit, Tom Clancy, Putnam, 2002.

The Riemann Hypothesis: Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics, Karl Sabbagh.

Riemann's hypothesis is a story about the search for the Prime Number Theorem, which defines how many prime numbers there are between 0 and any number n.

Advanced Project Portfolio Management, is a highly recommended book on project portfolio management for the IT industry.

Jackdaws, Ken Follett. This is another Follett WWI mystery that will make good summer reading.

Stewardship: Choosing Service over Self–Interest, Peter Block, Berrett Koehler, 1996.

Slack, Tom De DeMarco, Broadway Books, 2001.

Accidental Conversations, Jack Ricchiuto

This book is about the accidental connections we make everyday in business and personal contacts and how this "conversations" lead to new, interesting, and sometimes important changes in our lives.

Emergence, John H. Holland, Perseus Books, 1998.

Argument without End, Robert McNamara.

This is McNamara's account of the joint discussion between all the participants in the Vietnam war. Both US and Vietnamese.


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