1. Motivation
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Recasting project management as systems management requires some motivation on the part of the participants. Since the natural instinct is to say "we already have project management," a baseline motivation is needed.
  • 74% of project failures are attributed to Process Management failures related to flaws or errors in:
    • Establishing, documenting, and managing
      customer requirements
    • Planning and managing projects
    • Ensuring configuration management
  • Agile processes have moved from an "extreme" location in the spectrum to a position of recognition more in the main stream
  • "Agile Project Management" as a term has entered the agile development lexicon
  • Project management is a process normally found in higher ceremony business domains, not in the agile development lexicon
  • Is "Agile Project Management" an oxymoron?
  • Are the agile methods "project management" or are they "product development methodologies" embedded in a larger set of business development processes?