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General Resources

Most papers in Computer Science describe how their author learned what someone else already knew.
Peter Landin, Circa 1967 (from Brian Foote's web site)

The following links have served me well. Many of these sites can be found through Cetus-Links or any general purpose search on the specified topic. The problem with searching on demand, is that the key sites are usually buried in the search results somewhere. These links can serve as a better starting point in some cases. There are hundreds of other links that could be listed here, but that would be a waste of disk space. Anyone practicing their trade in the OO development world will have a similar list.

  Systems and Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Real Options

Software Methodologies

Software Tools

Systems Engineering

Quality Assurance


Project Management

Program Management

Metrics Resources

Risk Assessment

SW Reliability

SEI/CMM Resources

These links focus on the practical aspects of SE. This is a very large topic area and this list is only a small sample. The methodologies used to manage a software development project are topical as well.

The current discussion is the impact of Complex Adaptive Systems on the disciplines of engineering, project management, business management, etc.

The Project Management pages have PM sites as well as PM resources. As the Agile discussion moves into PM, more background will be needed to sort out the traditionalist from the agile, in exactly the same way as Agile development did.

Much hoopla is given to new and innovative project management techniques based on statistical estimators. The "real options" theory in finance is a good place to start when someone suggests there is "something new under the sun."

  Programming Languages, Tools and Systems


Java UML


Web Agile
Use Cases Tools

OO centric sites ranging from academic to commercial. Much of the "discussion" of OO has become mainstream along with UML and its derivatives.

Now the hot topic is "agile" and all its permutations.

  Academic Resources

People/Interesting People

University Links

Professional Orgs

Academic Resources

Links to University Sites that contain OO, Architecture and Software Process Improvement and other useful materials. Many sites contain papers that can be found in their original format, rather than in a Proceedings or Book format. Many also have software components that can be used "as is."

  Systems Architecture


High Integrity Systems


System Design

User Interface

General purpose software and system architecture sites. Includes architecture concepts, performance, workflow, system design, etc.

  Information Technology

IT Strategy


Process Improvement

Process Patterns

Knowledge Management

IT Strategy and related subjects is complex and confusing. In addition, the subject is polluted with commercial selling and product hucksters. The following sites provide a starting point for sorting out the mess. Patterns and knowledge management are self evident content.

Business and Industry


Business Links



Research Links

The following links are vendor's sites, where technical research information is available. Business links contains Job boards and other Front Range business development links. Technology pricing is available here too for all those shoppers.

Research links to sites with useful technical and business information.


Journals & Magazines

Electronic Journals


Working Papers

Theoretical CS Papers

Electronic versions of journals, along with other publishing resources.

The Scout Report is in the electronic publishers section.

Theoretical computer science and working papers from business schools and academic resources. Of special note is the IBM Research site where many of the IBM Journals are available on line. Something new is a list of interesting web logs.

Domain Resources, Technology, Search Engines

Domain Specific Links

Technology Support

Search Engines



Links to specific problem areas I've worked on for clients or in permanent positions. Other links include the reference materials for the Ariane 5 failure, safety critical systems resources, project management template link, and XML resources. Search engines, web encyclopedias and dictionaries for computer and other domains.

Science, Colorado, Personal

General Science

Physics Resources

Math Resources


Military & Foreign Affairs

Sites for Everyday Life

Colorado Links

Scientific, mathematical, and physics sites. Military and Foreign Affairs as a results of 9.11.01. Everyday life includes cyberspace links, hoax busters, some really cool high res pages, the Internet Scout Report and other cocktail hours discussion materials. Colorado links are the obligatory family pictures.

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