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Culturally Interesting Sites

These links are to sites that have sparked some type of culture interest, either as a "news" site or a site that contains some form of cultural information.

Edge Foundation was established in 1988 as an outgrowth of a group known as The Reality Club. Its informal membership includes of some of the most interesting minds in the world. The mandate of Edge Foundation is to promote inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.

Fathom is a "news" site at Columbia University with Knowledge Trails and on–line course.

Technology Support

Cable Modem, Network Tuning Tools

With the introduction of inexpensive cable modem connections, the general public can now surf the net at high speed. This capability also bring dangers to the uninitiated. Here are some sites that provide resources for tuning and protecting desktops connected to the net via cable modems. is a great source of tuning and testing for cable modem equipped networks.

Shields Up is a site for verifying that your internet connection IP address is safe from external attack.

Practically Networked is a resource site for all kinds of topics.

Search Engines


BRB Publications is a Tempe, AZ based publishing company that provides county, state, and federal wed addresses

Bibliography on Genetic Programming

Bibliography on Computer Science

BitPipe is a search engine is the leading syndicator of in-depth information technology (IT) literature. Bitpipe collects, catalogs, and distributes IT literature to other websites. provides searches for companies, products, services, and information.

Business Publications Search Engine provides links to dozens of business publications.

Citeseer is a citation reference site for computer science papers.

Computer Science Research Paper Search Engine (CORA) is a special-purpose search engine covering computer science research papers. It allows keyword searches over the partial text of Postscript-formatted papers it has found by spidering the Web.

EconPapers access to RePEc, the worlds largest collection of on-line Economics working papers, journal articles and software. is a archive of published articles that you can search for free. Constantly updated, it contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals.

FindInfo was formerly

FastSearch is a scientific search engine

Intelligent Search is a research project of the Computer Science Department City College of New York.

Pacific Information Systems does background research on companies through 15,000 searchable public records databases.

Santa Fe Institute's archive search engine. This is nearly identical to the LANL X-Archives preprint search engine but with more databases.

Search Engine Watch is a meta site about search engines.

Search CIO

xrefer is the web's reference engine, a unique service providing free access to the world's largest collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and quotations.

Scirus is a scientific search engine is a public library and digital archive directed by Paul Jones.

University of Virginia's Portico provides links for higher education fund raising

Will Yancy is a Dallas accountant who specializes in litigation support.


DMOZ Open Directory Project is a large, comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global army of volunteer editors.

Free On–Line Dictionary of Computing is a great resource for those pesky definitions that every argues over.

Dictionary for  Nonverbal Studies is hosted by the Center for Nonverbal Studies

Webopedia is an online dictionary and search engine for computer and internet technology.

Webster's headword dictionary search engine.

WordNet is a lexical database for the English language.



WikipediA is an open content encyclopedia

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