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Domain Specific Links

The following links are specific to problems I'm working on at the moment. They are in no special order, but are simply place holders for the topics.

Earned Value

Much has been said about using Earned Value in the management of large complex projects focused in hardware development or construction.

Can EV be applied to software development projects in the same way.

IT Governance

Effective enterprise governance focuses individual and group expertise and experience where it can be most productive... monitors and measures performance... provides assurance to critical issues. Information technology, long considered solely an enabler of an enterprise's strategy, must now be regarded as an integral part of that strategy.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced scorecard is a method of focusing on the elements of strategy. Combining strategy, objectives, their measurement, and initiatives to implement the objectives in support of strategy - Balanced Scorecard is ideally suited for the management of IT organizations.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering provides a powerful paradigm for agile project management and product development


Probabilistic Schedule and Cost Management

The creation of a credible plan and a supporting cost estimate requires a probabilistic approach


Manufacturing Links

There is a nearly unlimited amount of manufacturing information on the web. Most can be found with searching. here are some useful links I have come across and found interesting.

Configuration Management Resources

A subset of PDM systems is the management of engineering design configurations. These resources provide background on configurators and their interaction with PDM amd ERP systems.

Enterprise Resource Management

ERP systems were once the cutting edge of enterprise applications. Now that reality has settled in the deployment of ERP systems has become just another IT problem with its associated set of risk and rewards.

XML, NewsML, and Digital Publishing

The use of XML is expanded into many domains. These resources describe some of the domains where XML contributes to new and innovative solutions.

Project Management Resources

The manage of projects should follow some type of methodology. Here are some resource to guide the search for that methodology.

Ariane 5 Failure, NASA Faster, Better, Cheaper, and Mars Losses Resources

There has been much discussion of the Ariane 5 Failure and the use of XP–Like testing processes in the forums. The conjecture that test first would have saved the Ariane is pure speculation, with little understanding of the processes by which the flight control software was developed.

The following resource links provide some background on the subject and provide a conclusion that the requirements elicitation and management process was the root cause of the failure.

By examining these resources hopefully it will become clear that the code that created the exception was first supposed to be executed and second not specified for the 501 flight.

Safety Critical Systems

Safety Critical Systems are a domain on interest as well as profession. The discussions on the XP and OTUG forums sometimes present opportunities for the participants to make sweeping statements about things they know little about, when it comes to fault tolerant safety critical systems.

Post–Normal Science Complex Adaptive Systems, and eXtreme Programming

The topic of eXtreme Programming (XP) and related Agile methodologies has both interested and troubled me for some time. The loose way in which folks talk about the processes and benefits of XP goes against my nature. At the same time the attractiveness of creative development of software systems has always been my interest. I've discovered that the field of Post–Normal Science addresses many of the issues I've encountered.


Product Data Management

The domain of product data management is confusing at times, since Enterprise Resource Planning systems also claim to be in this space. The role of the PDM system is to manage engineering data while the role of the ERP system is to manage manufacturing and financial data.


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