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Balanced Score Card

Balanced Scorecard is a method of defining elements of strategy. This links include products, people, and white papers. The critical concept is recognizing that strategy is different than operational effectiveness. this concept is sometimes difficult to explain, but even more difficult to put in place.


2GC's Balanced Scorecard published papers site. Although some papers are focused on public sector activities, many have useful content for commercial companies.


Conference Proceedings


Working Papers


Research paper index


PPT Presentations


Activity Based Management has a BSC Resource page


Arthur Schneiderman is an independent consultant with many resources of Balanced Score Card.


Balanced Scorecard Collaborative


Balanced Scorecard News


Better is an internet resource for performance measurement.


BSC World (Norway) click on English link to translate.


BSC for Government


Carter McNamara's BSC resource page. Also the Changing Culture page is useful for BSC work


Corporater provides BSC solutions and reports.


Department of Energy Balanced Scorecard


DOE Office of Procurement and Assistance Management, Balanced Scorecard


Group Decision Support Systems is a consulting company with BSC as well as other PM resources for the IT domain.


The Balanced Scorecard Institute is a useful source of Balance Scorecard papers.

Measuring and Improving Corporate Information Technology Through Balanced Scorecard

MTCA Performance Management Symposiums


MTC Australia articles

Paul Niven's site sponsored by QPR a BSC product.

Open Rating's Balanced Scorecard is a high end BSC tool incorporated with performance measurement tools


Show Business


Performance Portal of the Performance Measurement Association


2002 UK Performance Management Symposium


Performance Plus




Portfolio Management Fourm contains articles taken from major publications and assembled in one location.

Systems Analysis Forums, is a resource site with BSC and other business analysis links

Scorecard Metrics


Balanced Scorecard Orgs resource links's BSC papers


Virtual Strategies


Washington State BSC site


Portfolio Management

A closely related domain to Balanced Scorecard is Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Fourm

IT Governance Portal

BSC Products



Dialog Software is an inexpensive product for managing Balanced Scorecards

QPR is a product suite for managing Balanced Scorecards

ActiveStrategy is a provider of BSC applications

Ergometrics is a dashboard centric BSC application based in New Zealand

PBViews is a provider of performance measurement and management systems.



Balanced Scorecard Articles

"The Challenge of Implementing BSC in Asia and India," a Cedar Plc white paper

"New Balanced Scorecard," from CorVu white papers

"How to Use the Balanced Scorecard," CIO, May 15, 2002

"Qualitative Methods," CIO July 15, 2002

"A Buyers Guide to IT Value Methodologies," CIO July 15, 2002

"Seven Tips for Developing Value Metrics," CIO May 15, 2002

Balanced Scorecard web based reports for NOAA, based at the Department of Commerce BSC site. This include surveys for assessing BSC.

"Unbalancing the Balanced Scorecard,"

"The Development of Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management Tool," I. M. Cobbold and G. J. G. Lawrie, 2GC Active Management, Maidenhead, UK.

Building Performance Measurement Systems with the Balanced Scorecard Approach. This and many other BSC papers can be found at the Nomura Institute

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy

Strategy, A Functionalist Activity as Viewed from an Interpretivist Perspective, Angelique du Toit.

Sensemaking in Strategy Implementation, Saku Mantere

Conflict, team Learning, and Sense Making, Alfonso Sauquet, ESADE

How do Firms Adapt, Apply and "Root" Management Concepts?

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