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Configuration Management Resources

The following links provide resources for Configuration Management systems:

Configurator Resources

Brad Appelton's CM Body of Knowledge is hosted on CMWiki

Alloy Constraint Solver at MIT.

Artificial Intelligence Resources provided through the Institute for Information Technology

DM Browne configurator archives

Institute of Configuration Management

Configuration Management Today is a software configuration management resource, with several resource links to other configuration management resources.

Dave Eaton's configuration management web site. Dave edits There are a set of FAQ's at

NASA's parametric cost estimating and configuration management handbook.

Association for Configuration and Data Management

Steve Esterbrook's CM Resource Guide

Configuration Management Today is a software centric configuration management news site.

Configuration Management User Group

Software Engineering Institute's Configuration Management area contains many papers on software configuration management.

Classic is a knowledge representation (KR) system provide by AT&T, designed for applications where only limited expressive power is necessary, but rapid responses to questions are essential.

NASA Glen Research Center Configuration Management Site provides tailored CM services for requirement, configuration, and documentation management throughout a project's life cycle.

AAAI Workshops on Configuration – AAAI-99 Papers.

ECAI Workshop on Configuration along with ECAI Workshops.

Centre for Applied Formal Methods.

Product Data Management Group of Helsinki University of Technology investigates how information technology can be used for the management of complex products. The group concentrates on products that have many variants and long life-cycles. These products are typically found in discrete manufacturing industry. The group looks for practical solutions to real problems. Accordingly, most of the research is carried out in joint projects with the industry.

Product Configuration Systems hosted by the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. This site has many links to other CM sites.

US Army Product Data Management Functional Coordinating Group

Vocal Project of Espirt provides a nice tutorial on constraint based programming.

Parametric Design Resources

The primary issue with integrating CAD systems with configuration management is the separation the rules and geometric representation of those rules in the form of a drawings or rendition model. One of the core technologies that can be applied to this problem is an open standard tool kit.

OpenGL is a source of tools kits.

Hoops3D is a framework for representing geometric objects.

Constraint Programming Systems

Constraint Logic Programming is typically done in Prolog. Here's some vendors and suppliers of systems in the manufacturing domain.


IF Computer Solutions Software

Logic Programming Associates

Association of Logic Programming

Prolog Development Centre

Prologia at Air Liquide

Constraints Archive at the University of New Hampshire.

University of Washington Constraint–Based Systems

On line guide for Constraints Programming, includes a tutorial on Prolog as well, hosted by Roman Barták.

Journals that discuss AI in Design

University of Essex Constraint Programming and Optimization

Business Rules

Business Rules are associated in many ways with configuration management. Here are some links to business rules resources:

IBM's Business Rules page

Business Rules Community

People Associated with the Configuration Problem currently being worked as of (12.15.2001)

Alexander Felfernig

Dr. Deborah McGuinness

Roman Batak is an Assistant Professor at Charles University, Prague and has worked extensively on Constraint Satisfaction Programming. Batak also has an introduction to Prolog Prolog in Examples that provides a short background to the concepts of constraint based programming.

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