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IT Governance

Effective enterprise governance focuses individual and group expertise and experience where it can be most productive... monitors and measures performance... provides assurance to critical issues. Information technology, long considered solely an enabler of an enterprise's strategy, must now be regarded as an integral part of that strategy.

IT Governance Portal

A Sample of an IT Governance Committee in an academic setting

IT Infrastructure Library is a resource of guidelines developed by the CCTA (now OGC) in Norwich, England, for the British government.

IT Service Maturity Model is a maturity growth model aimed at providers of IT services, such as management of hardware and software, operations, software maintenance, etc.

Software Engineering Research Centre is a Dutch IT assessment resource site

PRISM is a multi-disciplinary European initiative aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding the management and measurement of intangibles in the modern economy.

The Institute of Internal Auditors

Information Systems Audit and Control Association

European Council on Information Technology Governance

Improving Mission Performance Through Strategic Information Management and Technology

Measuring Performance and Demonstrating Results of Information Technology Investments

GAO site has many useful documents for IT Governance

GAO Guidance on Computer and Information Technology

Information Technology Investment Management

Treasury Board of Canada Office of the CIO

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