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Product Data Management

Product Data Managers is now mainstream products installed in a wide range of business domains and sizes. The following links provide resources for my current PDM Common Object Model efforts.

Product Data Management Information Center the joint effort of Management Roundtable, Inc. (Waltham, MA) and Life Cycle Solutions, Inc. (Avon, MA). The PDMIC is an innovative organization dedicated to assisting the development and evolution of the growing PDM industry.

Product Data Management Group investigates how information technology can be used for the management of complex products. The group concentrates on products that have many variants and long life-cycles. These products are typically found in discrete manufacturing industry. The group looks for practical solutions to real problems. Accordingly, most of the research is carried out in joint projects with the industry.

CAD/CAM Publishing provides newsletters have been helping engineering managers make smart decisions about product development technology. We currently publish three monthly titles: Computer Aided Design Report, Rapid Prototyping Report, and Product Data Management Report.

SAP R/3 Information library is a detailed description of the SAP R/3

Supply Chain Council provides a Supply Chain Operations Reference model

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