Niwot Ridge Resources

A Source of Information for Mission Critical Systems, Management Processes, and Strategies

Clever Sites that can be used in everyday life

Passur Radar site for tracking major airport traffic. Here's LAX

An Atlas of Cyberspace is an atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other emerging Cyberspaces.


Bad Managers hosted by Matt Stephens. It has many clever and thought provoking topics on software management.


Bulwer–Lytton Fiction Contest – Since 1982 the English Department at San Jose State University has sponsored the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, a whimsical literary competition that challenges entrants to compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels.


EconDash, an easy to understand dashboard for the US economy


Edward DeBono's Simplicity Principles is a powerful set of concepts for software system design. These ideas are taken from hid book Simplicity.


RedMatch is a salary calculation site that is useful for "estimating" your worth in the market place.


Despair, Inc. is a site full of anti-motivation posters.


The Internet Scout Project is a weekly publication offering a selection of or new and newly discovered internet publications of interest to researchers, educators, and those interested in high quality resources.


Hayek Center for Multidisciplinary Research is a journalist site with many interesting articles.


Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies is a wonderful site for those engaged in argument for a living.

Edward Tufte's site for his Envisioning Information books

Program Management

Small Multiples for Project Trends

The discussion of the Yin-Yang symbol occurs in many contexts. Agile software development is the current one. Why Yin-Yang Symbol Looks This Way is good starting point

Long Bets is a site dedicated to improving long-term thinking through competitive predicitons.


Cycling Resources

Cycling Performance Tips


Really Cool Internet Sites


Life with Us and a simplicity presentation

Style Boost is a link database for the most stylish web sites on the web

The Theory of Meme's is not only interesting is has become a vital aspects of the current evolutionary biology trend. Here are some site worth visiting:

UK Memes Central

Semiotics for Beginners is a good starting point for understanding much of the complexities in today's media and media based culture.

Shopping and Product Review Sites

Sites with bargains and deals as well as consumer information

Tech Bargains

Deal News

Slick Deals

Academic Superstore

Crack Spider



More Stuff 4 Less

Tech TV


Radio Controlled Sail Planes

My son and I have started to fly radio controlled electric powered sailplanes, here's some good sites for supplies and resources:

Icare Sailplanes



Astro Flight

Ace Hobby

Central Valley Radio Controlled Club

Hitec RC equipment

GWS Park Flyers

Quiet Flyer magazine

Hobby Lobby

Grass Hopper Winch

Ciero and Viento electric gliders

RC Gliders

Soaring Society of America

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Dyna Flite

Scale Soaring

Upslope Soaring

Todd's Models

Hobby Club Rosenthal Flug Modelle

Maxx Prod

Hobby Zone Sports Retail Leaders

Stewart Aircraft

Top Creations RC Aero Jet Model Aircraft

Back Yard Flyer

Tower Hobbies FMA Direct

Model Airplane News

Ready to Fly RC Store

Dougs Hobby

E Zone Mag













Photography Sites Photoshop Plugins and Tutorials

Digital Photography Review

Free Photoshop

Lens Mate

Red Field PlugIns

Canon Talk forum on DP Review

Photoshop Today is a digital camera training site


Steve's DigiCam


Rob Galbraith digital photography insights


Mike David is a local - Westminster, CO - photographer


Scan Tips is a site with information about scanning


Outback Digital is a web magazine for outdoor photography



Music Sites

Guitar School

Guitar Tabs for About Guitars

Marc Seal has free staff paper

About Guitars is a great resource site for everything guitars

Robb's Music our local Boulder music store

Dirk's Guitar Page


Fretted Instruments

Online Guitar Archive

Sheet Music

Internet Hoax Sites

Hoax sites, which have been useful for friends and neighbors

Hoaxbusters is hosted by the Department of Energy (I don't know why) and is the reliable source of internet hoax information.

Symantec Hoax site.

IBM's virus and internet hoax site.

McAfee's host site.

Urban Legends hosted by is a great place to start when some relative sends an email about the current threat to life, limb, and the internet.

Quote of the week from MG Taylor

The Straight Dope is hosted by The Chicago Reader and contains interesting commentary of popular myth and urban ledged in a Dave Barry style format

A Usenet Archive of mostly military and technical stuff  

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