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Industrial and Commercial Links

The following links are vendor's sites, where technical research information is available. Of special note is the IBM Research site where many of the IBM Journals are available on line.'s Computer Science site, with loads of links and valuable information.

Adaptive Software Development is the home of Jim Highsmith and the Adaptive Software Development methodology

AG Communications a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies, offers service providers advanced network-based solutions. This link is to their papers library with lots of patterns and OO topics.

IBM Alpha Works site contains a rich set of tools and documentation

The Atlantic Systems Guild is the site of many well known computer pioneers.

Ariane 501 Failure analysis report is the source of most of the risk analysis and modern software project management techniques.

Armaties Software, is Ron Jeffries software development company

Best Manufacturing Practices is a site hosted by the Office of Naval Research. It contains many resources on manufacturing systems and the IT systems that support them.

Bredemeyer Consulting provides software architecture services and many white papers on the same subject

Booz–Allen Hamilton site has many good IT Strategy paper and access to the BAH Journal.

Catalysis as a service mark of ICON Computing (now owned by CA) is a next generation approach for the systematic business-driven development of component-based systems, based on the industry standard Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Centre for Software Engineering was established in 1991. It is the national focal point and support service for the software development community within Ireland - helping it to improve its quality and productivity and implement best practice.

Cheshire Henbury who is a provider of knowledge, information and tools for executives, senior managers and those who support them.

Compaq Research 

Compliance Automation is a consulting company that does a lot of work on software requirements. Several good articles on requirements by Ivy Hooks and her colleagues can be found at this site.

Compass consulting is a performance improvement firm with many white papers useful for thinking about IT problems

Constantine and Lockwood is a web site for Usage–Centered Design is a portal for e-business integration strategies.

Fog Creek Software is a development house with Joel on Software as a web site full of commentary on the art and science of software development.

Hewlett Packard Laboratories provides a source of technical reports useful in system architecture and distributed computing.

Hewlett Packard Architecture site, with HP's process for developing system architectures 

IBM Research provides information on a variety of topics ranging from pure research to software practice.

A set of associates link from Information Architects

InterThink Consulting has some interesting materials on project management.

IPTC web site, which contains the current NewsML specifications.

Korson-McGregor consulting is the site for Timothy Korson and his work on OO development methods. Korson-McGregor specializes in on-site training and mentoring of groups that require the best available expertise in object technology.

Mitre Corporation's technical paper site, contains many useful papers on software engineering, software economics, as well as other technical subjects.

Microsoft Research has many papers on not only MSFT–centric topics, but also general purpose topics.

NetObjectives is a company that provide Lightweight Pattern–Accelerated software development. They also have several interesting white papers on topics of interest, such as XP and the application of patterns to development processes.

Project Management Boulevard  is a site offering information and services related to project management

Object Architects is a German firm with focus on OO development in the business domain.

Object By Design is a useful resource for object technology

Open Implementation at Xerox PARC. This site also holds the materials for Aspects Oriented Programming which is a method that enables the modularization of crosscutting concerns. The formal organization for Aspect Oriented Programming is This concept of aspect programming is now available in Java 1.3 using the Reflection API. See "Dynamic Proxy Classes: Toward Metalevel Programming in Java," Java, August 2000 and "Dynamic Proxy Classes."

Pearson Technology Group represents the publishing industry's leading imprints for authoritative and cutting-edge technical and professional information.

Process Builders is process oriented, management, and training organization.

The Standish Group provide IT consulting services and is the source of the infamous IT Project Failure Statistic.

Process Impact focuses on practical software process improvement. This site has some good resources on OO process improvement.

Rand Corporation

Reliable Software Testing – is a site for SQA and ultra reliable software development

Role Model Software is a site with useful OO and Process Improvement concepts. Rothman Consulting is a project management consulting service focused on software development projects.

Santa Fe Institute The Santa Fe Institute is a private, non-profit, multidisciplinary research and education center, founded in 1984. Since its founding SFI has devoted itself to creating a new kind of scientific research community, pursuing emerging science.

The Pragmatic Programmers is a site with a textbook and several programming resources.

Tantara is a Canadian company with some interesting links for SQA.

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