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IT Strategy and General IT Related Links

IT Strategy and related subjects is complex and confusing. In addition the subject is polluted with commercial selling and product hucksters. The following sites provide a starting point for sorting out the mess. 

CCTA is the site for the OGC - the Office of Government Commerce - is an office of HM Treasury. Set up in 2000, it incorporates the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), which will no longer operate as a separate agency from 1st April 2001.

A site is hosted by Larry Constantine  and Ed Yourdon. It contains high level IT strategy and IT deployment information. Much if this information is too high level for software development people, but is vital to the CIO and IT Directors.

EduCause helps shape and enable transformational change in higher education through the introduction, use, and management of information resources and technologies in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and institutional management.

The DOD Joint Technical Architecture site provides formal specifications for system architecture, the JTA Specification.

Enhanced Management Framework for IM/IT Division (of the Canadian Government) promotes the use of best practices, tools and methodologies to improve and enhance the management of IM/IT investments government-wide. This site contains the EMF as well as several good sources for large scale project management.

IT Governance is sponsored by the IT Governance Institute, which strives to assist enterprise leadership in ensuring long-term, sustainable enterprise success and increased stakeholder value by expanding awareness of the need for and benefits of effective IT governance.

IToolBox is a web site with many links to EAI elements such as CRM, SAP, eCommerce.

The Information Technology Resource Board, is a site for government IT executives.

India is a resource of Business IT sources.

McKinsey Consulting's site contains many high level papers on the business of IT.

Microsoft has many valuable white papers on IT Strategy. Its Enterprise Services site contains IT Strategies for e–commerce

A Newspaper and publishing XML site focused on using XML in the publishing business.

Portfolio Management Forum was founded to provide the latest and greatest information on portfolio management software, portfolio management, and its related disciplines. The site is maintained by an editorial group that reviews content for publication.

Practical Software & Systems Measurement is a Department of Defense sponsored site dedicated to software development and project management.

Technology Evaluation is a web site with many resources for IT and systems architecture.

Rampant hyperbole has infected the software industry over the past 10 years.  The presentations of various process improvements, new techniques, and new  technologies are symptoms of an industry with ambiguous benchmarks of  performance and little accountability. With an ever increasing demand for improving  time to market; shortcuts and clean–it–up–later approaches win out more often than they should.  – Walker Royce, forward in [Boehm 00].

These links are to Software Process Improvement sites, but Software Engineering links are also available:


Work Flow is a broad and deep subject. Workflow in the publishing industry is more narrowly focused. Here's some resources for sorting out the mess

IFRATrak is a newspaper system work flow used in Europe that is coming to the states. 

The Workflow Management Coalition is the source of "all things workflow." Before dealing with any workflow issues, this site must be consulted.

Process Patterns and Process Definition

There are many issues in the software development domain that can be addressed by process patterns. Here are some sites that serve as resources.

Process Definition Guidebook provides a guided tour of the various process definition techniques used on the STARS project.

Scott Ambler's Process Patterns Page - is a collection of Scott's works as well as an extensive list of other pattern resources. Start here and you'll find most of the pattern sites.

AGCS Patterns White Papers – A collection of white papers, including some of Linda Rising's process patterns hosted by the AG Communication Systems site.

An Introduction to Process Patterns – This is Scott Amblers process pattern site with many white papers.

Antipatterns Site – This is the key site for Antipatterns, which are patterns that result in failed processes.

Business Process Reengineering Patterns – hosted by Michael Beddle of Lucent

Completing the Unified Process With Process Patterns – provided by Scott Ambler

Configuration Management Patterns – hosted by Steve Berczuk of Lucent

Extreme Programming – Process patterns for eXtreme Programming

Jim Coplien’s Organizational Patterns site – a site online for electronically published organizational patterns.

Object Ideas Tutorial – are a set of tutorials useful in understanding the patterns worlds

Patterns Conferences – with links to all the PLoP conferences as well as another link at

Patterns for Conducting Process Improvement – Brad Appleton's site

Portland Pattern Repository – aka the Wiki Web

Risk Management Patterns – Alistair Cockburn's pattern site

System Reengineering Patterns –  from the Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

WWW Patterns Home Page – This is the Hillside Patterns Group


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