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Annals of Software Engineering is an international archival, peer-reviewed journal which covers all aspects of software engineering. It is published annually in volumes. Each volume focuses on a particular topic of software engineering and contains state-of-the-art survey and tutorial papers as well as industrial and academic research and application papers. The tutorial and survey papers and in-depth coverage of software engineering topics make the journal essential reading for researchers, practitioners, managers, educators, and students.


Bell Labs Technical Journal contains papers on a wide variety of subjects related to telecommunications and networking.


Business Publications Search Engine provides links to dozens of business pubs


Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science lots of source materials for distributed computing


Crosstalk is a publication of the Software Technology Support Center located at Hill Air Force Base, Ogden  Utah.


Classic papers from the ACM. This is a little know, and currently unmaintained link to classical computer science papers published in The Communications of the ACM.

IT Business Canada is the electronic publishing arm of Plesman Communications


The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies hosted by Alf-Christian Achilles

Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation


Embedded Systems

ERCIM Journal is publication of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

Defense Acquisition University and the Program Manager magazine

Center for Business Innovation is a Cap Gemini and Ernst & Young site


IBM Journals – the starting point for IBM's Journals and other research links.


Deep archive link for IBM Systems Journal. This is the link to the inaccessible volumes.


IBM Redbooks, although IBM centric, there are many general purpose documents on this site, that can be applied to other platforms, including Java, JSP, EJB, etc.

Journal of Object Technology


M@n@gement is a business journal with many leading edge ideas


McKinsey consulting site with the McKinsey Journal.


MIT Enterprise Technology Review


Projects@Work is a web-zine of PM's


SEI articles is a nice link to all the casual publications of SEI authors.


Santa Fe Institute's publications which includes bulletins, journal articles, working papers, and book reviews.


Science Daily is an online magazine and Web portal devoted to science, technology, and medicine.

Robert H. Smith Business Journal online.

Commercial and Trade Magazines


Application Development Trends is a magazine for OO development activities. is the electronic version of the familiar Byte Mag


Data Communications Magazine – industry mag for data communications.


Dr. Dobbs Journal is still a good source of programming and design information.


EAI Journal is an e–magazine as well as hardcopy with news and articles on Enterprise Application Integration.


Enterprise Systems Journal magazine provides real-world business and technology information for managers of large, high-volume-transaction, high-availability, high-performance computer systems and infrastructures.


Intelligent Enterprise Magazine is an industry mag for enterprise topics.


LAN Times – a popular networking magazine.


Journal of Conceptual Computing is a free journal dedicated to data modeling, design, and implementation issues. The goal of this publication is to promote communication between professionals, share knowledge, and to educate our readers.


Journal of Management Information Systems


Knowledge Management World is an industry trade targeted to knowledge management vendors and business propositions. This includes a library of best practices that may be useful in sorting out the hype on knowledge management.


Network industry mage for networking theory.


The Rational Edge is a web-zine dedicated to the practitioners and decision-makers in the Rational community. 


The Rational Unified Process white paper archive.


Physics Today is an online resource for physics related news.


Program Manager magazine is published by the Defense Systems Management College.

The Register and the US version The Register USA are electronic newspapers focused of software issues.


Silicon Valley News is an e-zine with current high technology news and analysis.


Sloan Management Review is a business journal, published by the MIT Sloan School of Management, that bridges the gap between management research and practice, evaluating and reporting on new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in management.


Software Development Magazine is an industry "rag" that has many good articles (although high level) about developing OO based applications.


Software Risk Management Magazine is a quarterly magazine for corporate leaders and executives. In today's business environment, virtually every business—large or small—relies on essential software and the management of risks associated with this software. A Risk Assessment template is provided by Niwot Ridge as a starting point for IT intensive projects. 


Software Testing and Quality Engineering


Strategy and Business is a quarterly of Booz Allen & Hamilton.


Trends in Software Management is a monthly trade journal that focuses on software process, risk and project management.


WinInfo is an electronic journal for Windows resources .


101Communications is a site hosting many of the popular journals and technology publications.

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