Niwot Ridge Resources

A Source of Information for Mission Critical Systems, Management Processes, and Strategies

Mathematical Resources

Principles of Data Analysis, Prasenjit Sha, 

Robert Matthews is a source of the statistics of everyday things.


Another Powers of Ten site at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida.


Some Disasters Attributable to Bad Numerics is in the web site of Douglas Arnold who is a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University.

Probability and Statistics resource site

Memoirs of deferential equations and their proofs is part of the Digital Electronic Library of Mathematics.


MacTutor History of Mathematics archive contains biographies and historical topics in mathematics and physics.

Institute for Mathematics and it Applications was founded by and receives major support from the National Science Foundation Division of Mathematical Sciences to carry out a crucial interdisciplinary mission. It also receives support and direction from its Participating Institutions and Participating Corporations.

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