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BLOG's are a means of keeping informed on a topic without actually speaking with a person everyday. They also are wonderful sources of "linked" information that connects a community or practice. BLOG's seem to be moving away from simple chatting about a topic and toward "information radiators" to use Alistair Cockburn's analog.

I've cleaned up this list to only those BLOGs and resource site I actually read. It was simply too much information coming my way to say focused. This list will change as my interests change.


Project Times

PMI College of Scheduling

PMI College of Performance Management

Performance Measurement Association

A Girl's Guide to Managing Projects Trying to stay OTOBOS...

Brad Appleton (ACME) Agile configuration management environment

Beaufortes Developing project leadership

Business Analyst writes about IT analysis and requirements management

Better Projects - Notes and discussions on Project Management and Business Analysis

Clarke Ching writes about agile development and project management

Clarety IT Strategy made easy

Cutting's Edge Project Management random project insights

Jack Dahlgren writes about projects

Fractals of Change nothing great is ever been accomplished without irrational exuberance

Eight to Late is an interesting read on PM and other work relate items

When IT Goes Bad IT Recovery from the trenches

Projectified brian kennemer endlessly obsessing about Project Server so that you don't have to

Reforming Project Management The magazine for the project age

Mind Mapping BLOGs using Mindjet for PM is becoming popular

Focused Performance Frank Patrick's Focused Performance Business Blog

On Projects provides practical advice, tools, and templates

IT PM Guru Musings on Project and Program Management

Project Portfolio Management Critical PPM issues facing business today

PMThink Project Management thought leadership

PM Hut is about a variety of PM topics. From Agile to traditional

The Practical PM Resources for the practical program manager

Project Slackers hosted by Bill Ramos

Pure Schmaltz is David Schmaltz's Blog that is sometimes about Project Management

Project Steps provides tips, hints and helpful information about project management

Project Shrink Projects are about humans

Software Project Management

Raven's Brain random thoughts on project management from Seattle

Talent on Target the Blog of the Project Workforce

Tyner Blain Software project success

The Tao of Project Management

You Want It When? Bill Millar writes sensibly about the management of software projects

Work in Plain English Getting the job done with common sense and optimism

Zen, Project Management and Life

David Anderson resources for agile management

Scott Berkun has a book on PM that is worth the read along with this BLOG

All about agile something for your journey

Laurent Bossavit conversations about agile topics

Mishkin Berteig writes about agile processes

Joel on Software commentary an agile development resources

James Shore speaks about agile software development

James Mcgovern talks about enterprise architecture

Dave Nicolette writes about agile project teams in a sensible manner

TrailRidge Consulting Blog

Piergiorgio Grossie

Microsoft Office Project 2007
Project Server Expert Community Site
Larry's Project Development Site
Mark Schneider project implementation
Dieter's project blog
Project programmability
Faisal Masod project server
Gordon Schmidt
Mike Glen's project tutorials
Brian Smith
Christophe Fiessinger's Tips and Tricks
Rule of Thumb

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