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Integrated Program Management – IMP / IMS


Integrated Master Plan / Integrated Master Schedule is a critical to managing a complex project or program. The following links provide some background for IMP/IMS.

The IMP decomposes the project into:

Program Events (PE) - summarizes the program at "tier one"

Significant Accomplishments (SA) – summarizes the statement of work at "tier two"

Accomplishment Criteria (AC) - defines the exit criteria for each accomplishment

The IMS supports the events, accomplishments, and criteria with detailed tasks,  activities, and milestones with dependencies so an accurate critical path can be calculated. 

Costs are derived from the IMS using a time–phases Gantt showing resource allocation.

The numbering the IMP, IMS, and WBS must be identical.

  AFMC IMP / IMS Presentation
  Boeing's IMP/IMS presentation
  Guide for Program Managers, is an introduction for scheduling
  Business Managers' Conference is a collection of conference proceedings related to EV, IMP/IMS and Cost Management
  The DoD Version of PMBOK has details of how to create and manage IMP/IMS
  AFMC Pamphlet 63–5, 22 September 2003 is a the Integrated Master Plan / Integrated Master Schedule Guide.
  AFMC Pamphlet 63-101, 9 July 1997
Integrated Master Plan and Integrated Master Schedule Preparation and Use Guide, Version 0.9 October 21, 2005
  AFMC Integrated Master Plan / Integrated Master Schedule Guide (IMP/IMS), Version 2.1., November 2003.

Applied Integration Management has several articles on IMP/IMS:

Discovering IMP/IMS: The Value of Managing Short Term Objectives

Integrating Master Plan (IMP) and Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

An In Depth Look at IMP/IMS

Integrating Contractual and Product Milestones

  IMP IMS Elementary Textbook is a Power Point overview of the IMP/IMS concepts
  IMP IMS, DARPA briefing
  Benefits of Quantitative Risk Management describes integrating IMP/IMS with Monte Carlo simulations of project risk.
  Beefing Up Program Controls with IMP/IMS from the 2002 Business Managers Conference presentations. The 2003 Conference papers have other useful topics as well.
  Draft of DI-MISC-8113A, V21, from the April 28, 2004 Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)
  Project Management Data Item List is meant to be a foundation for developing a set of schemas following the schema development specifications defined by the Open Applications Group (OAGi)
  Space and Missile Systems Center IBR Review Guide
  Integrated Baseline Review Team Handbook
  Scheduling Guide for Program Managers
  EVMS Gold Version of the DCMA Guidebook

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