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Project Management Resources

There are many good project management resources on the web. Some are commercial, some are academic. Here's a list of sites I've found useful.

New additions:

PERT research resources to address many of the misconceptions of how PERT and CPM are used in today's project management domains.

Integrated Program Management provides a list of resources for creating and managing Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and Integrated Master Plan (IMP)

Tasmanian State Government Project Management resource site

Planning Planet is a interesting site with planning and benchmarking information

Methodology Taxonomy

Project taxonomy problems of discussing project management in a context

Management Theory

Background on the theory of projects and techniques used to support them

Project Management Sites

Useful Project Management sites

Project Management Tools

Tools I've found useful

Agile PM Discussion Topics

The beginnings of a BLOG

Agile PM Issues Discussion

Some background on the issues of agile project management

Project Management Research

Research materials on projects that I've found useful.

Reasons Projects Fail

A collection of reasons project fail

Lean and Agile PM Reading List

A collection of lean and agile resources

Proposal Management Tools

Tools for managing proposals

Personal Project Resources

Tools and templates I've developed over time

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