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Project Management Tools and Other Resources


CoGenTex is a natural language reporting tool for project information


Critical Tools, provides add–on packages to MS Project. These packages allow users to create WBS, and PERT charts in very flexible ways.


Continuous Improvement Tools is a site at Purdue University that lists tools and techniques for continuous improvements to business processes.


CS-Solutions provides a EVMS add on for Project that has been standardized by the DOD.


DTTracker is an integrated suite of products using Activity Based Accounting and Performance Measurement, Project Accounting, and Earned Value Accounting.


EPK Group provides add ons for Project Server


Compliance Software Technology, provides Earned Value export tools from Microsoft Project to Artemis Cost View and MPM


iDecide is a Monte Carlo simulation tool is a real time business strategy and performance monitoring tool


InFlow is a "social networks" analysis tool.


Integrated Computer Engineering is the author of the SPMN Risk Radar.


Mind Manager. See the review for more details.


Niku products (formerly ABT I believe) 

MPMM and Method 123 is a PM process guide built around PMBOK and Prince2


Kidasa Software is a presentation development tool as well as am EVMS reporting tool.


How's It Going is a reporting tools for MSFT Project


Project Office from Pacific Edge


Prosight is a portfolio management application


Pixid is a digital camera software tool that edits pictures taken from white boards. This is very useful in an agile development setting where much of the work of design and analysis is done on the white board.


Microsoft Project MVP site with answers to many MSFT Project questions.


Process Continuum from CA


Woody's Project Watch is an e-zine for MSFT Project.


Plan View from Planview Inc. 


Scenarios Plus is a tool kit for requirements management.


Team Play from Primavera




A directory of Project Management Software can be found at 

  Parametric Cost Models

NASA Cost Estimating


Air Force Cost Model Handbook


Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook

Proposal Management Tools

  1Ricci is a resource for proposal management. "The Magic of Winning Proposals" is a tour of how to assemble a proposal using a structured set of processes
  Shipley provides a framework for storyboarding the proposal

Color Wheel tools are important to matching Power Point slides with other styles and colors

Color Wheel Expert

Color Impact

Color Wheel Pro

  P2C2 Group

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