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Patterns Topics

General Patterns

The Patterns Languages of Program Design resource is a useful source of object concepts. 

The best Patterns entry point is found at

Christopher Alexander's pattern site - 

An organizational patterns index can be found at

Design Patterns are repeated behaviors with positive outcomes

  Appropriate Process Movement provides Risk Management patterns

Baker's Dozen Persistence Design Patterns


Boulder Patterns Group


Business Information Design Patterns  this is the Arcus with many other resource materials on OO design and development


Christopher Alexander, Biography


Cetus Patterns Links


Component Design Patterns


Doug Lea's Home Page


Doug Schmidt's Pattern Page - is an Associate Professor of in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the University of California, Irvine.
EJB Design Patterns


EJB Patterns Repository

  Enterprise Application Integration Patterns is dedicated to making the design and implementation of integration solutions easier. Most solutions and approaches describe here are valid for most integration tools and standards such as IBM WebSphere MQ, TIBCO, Vitria, SeeBeyond, JMS, Microsoft Messaging, MSMQ, Web Services etc.

Essential Design Patterns Page

  Google's Patterns page

Joseph Yoder's Pattern Reference


Pattern-Based Reengineering


Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology Brad Appelton's must read paper


Phoenix Patterns Group

Project Management Patterns. Also see Jim Coplien's "A Development Process Generative pattern Language" as well as "Social Patterns in Productive Software Development Organizations"
Risk Patterns
  Social Networks

System Reengineering Patterns


User Interface Design Patterns

Anti Patterns are repeated behaviors with negative outcomes

  "Antipatterns," Vesa Karpijoki, Helsinki University, Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory. The Power Point presentation
  Veryard Projects is a commercial site with many anti-pattern references

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