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Requirements Engineering

The materials dedicated to software requirements engineering, like software engineering is nearly boundless. Here are some links that are focused on the practical aspects of the problem.


Association of Computing Machinery. This site contains the journals and magazines of the ACM.


Crosstalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. This electronic magazine has articles on SEI CMM, software process improvement, and related topics.

EBG Consulting has a new book Requirements by Collaboration that outlines requirements management. This site also has many "team" facilitating resources for requirements "events."

IEEE Computer Society. This site contains links to Computer and Software, which are magazines. These publications contain practical articles for use in everyday activities.


International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)  is an international professional organization dedicated to systems engineering.


Project Management Pattern Language is a Wiki page with patterns for project management activities, which is part of a developing book.


Software Engineering Institute's home page. Anyone who calls themselves a professional software engineer must be a member of several groups, this is one. The IEEE Computer Society and the ACM are the others. There are more, but these are the minimum.


A list of Software Engineering readings. It's a bit dated but a good start on a bibliography.


Software Engineering Information Resource (SEIR) is hosted by the Software Engineering Institute provides a forum for the contribution and exchange of information concerning software engineering improvement activities.


WIN/WIN Requirements negotiation is a useful approach to gathering and managing requirements

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