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Software Quality Assurance

Government Guidelines for High Integrity Software


FDA General Principles of Software Validation.


RTCA/DO–178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.


DACS Software Measurements contains SQA metrics and data links.


Philip Koopman is an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) also a faculty member of the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES) and the Institute for Software Research, International (ISRI). His site has many useful links to quality and high integrity systems, including a collection of wave files from famous disasters (mostly movies).


ISO/IEC 12207


Other SQA Resources


AETG combination testing is software designed to generate an efficient set of test cases from your system requirements. AETG Web is a commercial software service developed by researchers at Telcordia Technologies Applied Research.


American Society for Quality 


ASQ Software Quality Professional Journal is a referred journal on the topic of software quality assurance.


BadSoftware is a site hosted by Cem Kaner who is Professor of Computer Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology. He is also an author, consultant and attorney.


Ballista is an automated robustness testing service.


Cleanroom Software Engineering has an approach to software development that improves quality and reduces cost. CleanSoft specializes in tailoring and adapting the Cleanroom approach for small and medium-sized projects.


International Council for QFD is site representing international practitioners of QFD.

Quality Function Deployment Institute is a resource of research and education


ISO 9000


A Plain English overview of 9000-3 for software quality. This is provide by Praxion, which has other "plain English" ISO documents


A "gap analysis" check list for 9000-3 (pdf)


Applicability of ISO 9000 to software development

TickIT description




McCabe & Associates is a company that provides software development metrics applications.


National Software Quality Assurance Experiment (NSQE). In 1992 the DOD Software Technology Strategy set the objective to reduce software problem rates by a factor of ten by the year 2000. The National Software Quality Experiment is being conducted to benchmark the state of software product quality and to measure progress towards the national objective.


On Line Ethics is a starting point for the ethical issues associated with software and quality.


QA Forums is a discussion group on Software Quality Assurance


Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. is a firm focused on education and application of SQA


Quality Assurance Institute is a professional organization dedicated to software quantity assurance.


Quality Functional Deployment Institute is the official source for QFD concepts.


Satisfice Inc. is a software testing consultancy founded by James Bach


Six Sigma provides resources for achieving Six Sigma quality


Software QA and Testing Resource Center includes FAQ's, software QA and testing resources, software QA and test tools, web site and site management tools, and a bookstore.

Software Testing Spot! has many resources for SQA activities.


Software Assurance Technology Center. This is another software site associated with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. It focuses on software quality.


The Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is doing some of the most interesting work in software development today. The SEL was awarded the IEEE's first award for achievement in software processes. This site contains the full text of the Software Measurement Guidebook and other resources.


Software Project Manager's Network. This site is the home base of the DoD's Best Practices Initiative. It includes The Book of Software Management Questions (The Yellow Book), The Program Manager's Guide to Software Acquisition Best Practices (The Big Book), and The Condensed Guide to Software Acquisition Best Practices (The Black Book).


Software Quality Engineering is a supplier of SQA training and services.


Software Research Institute is a not-for-profit unit of Software Research, Inc. It is dedicated to serving the software quality technology community through its events and activities. SR/Institute provides a useful list of SQA resources.


Software Testing & Quality Engineering is a magazine and discussion site.


The Software Quality Page is a software quality resource from is the site of Brian Marick and contains many useful OO testing materials.


Sticky Minds is an online resource of the Software Testing and Quality Engineering magazine.


STORM testing research page is an online SQA resource site.


Testing Resources


Pacemaker Project is a unit test coverage project at the University of Oregon.


The Evolutionary Design of Complex Software project provides further background on what would be called "agile" design and testing processes.

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