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Alistair Cockburn's Use Case site

The homepage for the Coats–Mellon notation. The Coats-Mellon Operational Specification (CMOS) is a method for defining, recording, and tracing system and software behavior. Inspired by Ivar Jacobsen's Use Cases, CMOS attempts to provide more detail about the responses from the system or software for each use case event. The following article titled "Constructing Operational Specifications" was published in the June 95 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal. Its purpose was to introduce this new methodology and focused mostly on the methodology's constructs and usage. It used the familiar automated teller machine example to show how the method works.

The Use Case Zone

"Ten Ways to Mis-Use Use Cases,"


UML has become a norm for object based programming analysis, design, and development. There are a variety of vendors of UML tools as well as auxiliary extension to UML.

The Action Semantics Consortium is a self-organizing group of companies that has submitted a response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by the Object Management Group (OMG) for a definition of the semantics of actions that supports and extends the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Use Case Maps is an extension to UML that is very useful in large complex systems using UML to define the requirements. The Use Case Maps web page is the place to start.

UML RTF Home Page is the home page for the OMG Unified Modeling Language Revision Task Force (UML RTF). The UML RTF is chartered by the OMG to make minor revisions to the current UML specification  (UML 1.3). This page contains information about UML RTF artifacts, issues, and meetings, as well as links that describe its workgroups and members. The web also includes information about UML tutorials and work on the next major revision of UML, UML 2.0.

OMG UML page as well as the UML 1.4 specification

Object By Design has many UML resources as well as product reviews.

Precise UML Group group aims to bring together international researchers and practitioners who share the aim of developing the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as a precise (i.e. well defined) modeling language.

Modeling Style Info is a site with tips and techniques for creating better software diagrams.

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