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Extreme Programming and Related Topics

eXtreme Programming (XP) has become a popular phrase bandied about by the press. This approach to development depends on several important attributes of the project in order to be successful. The following links and references are a starting point for XP.

The Agile Alliance is a group of light weight process "gurus," that have joined together to further the cause of the collective methodologies. is Ward Cunningham's site and contains many links on XP

Extreme Modeling is a site which discusses eXtreme Analysis and its application to XP projects.

eXtreme Programming eGroup is a good place to post questions and get answers.

FitNesse is an acceptance testing Wiki is a site dedicated to software developers using JUnit or one of the other XUnit testing frameworks.

Object Mentor is an XP consulting firm is another informational site 

William Wake's XP site, with many useful items and programming tips.

Paired Programming theory can be found at Laurie William's site.

Object Mentor.

Peer Thought is an Extreme Programming that walks the user through the ZXP process.

Stuart Kent hosts a site on eXtreme Modeling as well as other UML topics. is a place for general XP information

XP123  is Bill Wake's XP site.

Jera Design has some interesting XP FAQ's

XP Refined is the site of Net Objectives

XP Exaggerated is a spoof site for XP.

Paired Programming

Pair is a site dedicated to paired programming

Brian Hanks' Paired Programming Bibliography


Agile and Related Topics

The Agile development world has undergone some transformations lately. What was originally seen as the realm of XP is now being expanded into other domains. Modeling, Project Management, COTS systems.

Agile Modeling is Scott Ambler's site with many agile practices that can be applied to things other than modeling.

Agile Methods, VTT Workshop, Pekka Abrahamsson

Agile Logic is a consulting firm with many resources and links.

Agile Data is a site maintained by Scott Amber to share leading edge techniques for data-related software development issues.

Agile Software Development Methods, ESPOO, 2002, VTT Publications 478, Pekka Abrahamsson.

DDCI News Letter is a company in the safety critical domains, but with many resources for agile processes.

Enterprise Unified Process is a site dedicated to extended the RUP.

Extreme Project Management is now in print.

Linda Rising's web site with an articles list

MASE is a project that investigates techniques and tools that support the coordination of virtual software development teams.

Modeling Style Info provides on–line tips for creating better software diagrams.

Navigating Business with Technology is a business management weblog with many agile resources.

Network for Agile Methodologies Experience hosted at the Center for Applied Software Development at the Free University of Bozen, Bolzano Italy

Scrum versus Waterfall, Shawn Presson, Jeff Sutherland's web site.

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