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Institution Links

Demeter at the Northeastern University provides information in Adaptive programming. Adaptive Programming is viewed as a major advance in software technology based on using well-known finite automata and formal language theory to express succinctly and process efficiently path sets in architectural graphs (e.g. UML class diagrams). AP allows you to make your software both simpler and more reusable by exploiting regularities which exist in most object-oriented programs. AP reduces software development and maintenance costs significantly. The more collaborating objects you use in a project, the larger the reduction. Connection to Aspect-Oriented Programming from Xerox PARC

Ballista – COTS Software Robustness Testing, Carnegie Mellon University.

University of California Institute of Software Research is a research center focused on software architecture.

Center for Software Engineering at University of Southern California is the home of Barry Boehm, from TRW and COCOMO days.

Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) The National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands.

Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik (WIN), Software Engineering Department has many publications and thesis on object technology and architecture frameworks.

Software Engineering Group at the Computer Science Department at the University of Hamburg is focused on interactive application software. Adopting a human-centered approach, emphasizing cooperation with users, evolutionary development strategies, and object-oriented software construction.

Composable Systems Group at Carnegie Mellon University provide a scientific and engineering basis for designing, building, and analyzing composable software systems as well as providing languages, tools, environments, and techniques to support these activities.

Safety Critical Systems at Kings College, London

Software Architecture Research at the University of California, Irvine.

Software Engineering Institute's work on software architecture.

Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL) at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Turku Center for Computer Science is a research and education center in Information Technology for the three universities in Turku, Finland:

Publications of the Institute of Software Technology at the University of Graz. Many of the topics are on light weight methods and their application to real world problems.

University Links

Hankamer School of Business is the business school at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. This site is the home of Dr. Reagan Ramsover, who teaches ands writes in IT Strategy issues.

UC Berkeley – a starting point for resource links at UCB.

Copenhagen Business School has many working papers and publications on the theory of management.

Laboratory for Dependable Computing – Chalmers University of Technology.

Ethics in Computing is hosted by Edward F. Gehringer of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State. This site has several interesting sections on Risks, IP, Privacy, Speech Issues, Computer Abuse, and Commerce.

Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering at the University of Maryland

Fraunhofer Institut Experimental Software Engineering, Kaiserslautern

Center for Advance Computing and Communications, Duke University. Kishor Trivedi is the principal researcher at this site and is the author of several important books in the field of queuing theory including Probability & Statistics with Reliability, Queuing and Computer Science Applications, Kishor S. Trivedi, Prentice Hall, 1982. This is a must have book on every shelf of any system architect.

Collaboratory for Research in Electronic Work at the University of Michigan, School of Information focuses on the design of new organizations and the technologies of voice, data, and video communication that make them possible.

Laboratory for Advanced Software Engineering Research at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst is dedicated to investigating techniques for reducing software development and maintenance costs while simultaneously improving the quality of the systems produced.

University of Virginia, Computer Science Department contains several papers on software economics, fault tolerant systems, as well as software architecture.

Ursinus College

University of Dartmouth has an extensive list of software engineering links.

USC Information Sciences Institute Part of the University of Southern California (USC), ISI is involved in a broad spectrum of information processing research and in the development of advanced computer and communication technologies. The Institute maintains a synergistic relationship with the School of Engineering, particularly the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Experimental Software Engineering Group at the University of Maryland.

University of Manchester Informatics Process Group was established in 1991 within the Computer Science Department at the University of Manchester to advance the application of Process Modeling in the context of the organization.

Rutgers University Computer Science Department technical documents library

Vitruvius project at Carnegie Mellon University is a site dedicated to software architecture.

Colorado State University department of Computer Science

Scandinavian Working Papers in Business Administration

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