Niwot Ridge Resources

A Source of Information for Mission Critical Systems, Management Processes, and Strategies


Niwot Ridge (Colorado) Long Term Ecological Research Station was established by the National Science Foundation to conduct research on long-term ecological phenomena in an array of ecosystems within the United States. Niwot Ridge is the sole alpine tundra site and is located approximately 35 km west of Boulder, CO. NWT LTER research is also facilitated by affiliations with several other associated institutions.

Tundra Cam is a LIVE and INTERACTIVE webcam located at an elevation of 11,600 feet in the Colorado Front Range.  The camera is above timberline on Niwot Ridge, about 25 miles west of Boulder.  The peaks at the head of the ridge form the Continental Divide.

Niwot Colorado is a unique place in many ways. Niwot Ridge dominates the view of the Front Range north of Boulder.

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