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Integrated Master Plan / Integrated Master Schedule Briefing pdf560KB

Principles of IT Governance pdf77KB

Using Balanced Scorecard to Build a Project Focused Organization pdf1.1MB

Balanced Scorecard Symposium, San Francisco, CA, October 28th and 29th, 2003.

Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing pdf73K

Creating teams involves a staged set of processes. This presentation describes those processes.

Leading at the Edge pdf150K

Managing IT departments and software development organizations in the same way Shackleton managed the Antarctic expedition.

Surviving the Matrix Organization pdf41K

With the advent of teaming, matrix organizations need to address specific problems that arise regarding responsibility and accountability

Chartering the Team pdf53K

This presentation is abstracted from the CH2MHILL project Delivery System book which is the starting point for all project and program managers at CH.

Software for Your Mind pdf72K

This presentation is an abstraction from the McCarthy's book Software for you Head: Core Protocols for Creating and Maintaining Shared Visions.

Earned Value Management in One Slide pdf36K

The concepts of Earned Value are some what obtuse, even to those of us who live the numbers every day. Here's a simple reminder slide to jog the memory. Even though there are lost of acronyms the power of EV should not be overlooked.

Chartering the Program Management Office pdf31K

The business question of "what does the PMO do?" is asked more often in these days of reducing budgets. To answer this question, construct a charter for the PMO, by asking the sponsoring executive "what information regarding projects, programs, and portfolios do you want?"

A Gentle Introduction to Earned Value Management pdf168K

Using Earned Value in an agile software development is beginning to be understood as a replacement for XP's velocity.

The Socratic Method pdf23K

Managing with the Socratic method has now reached a new level of understanding. This presentation is a quick overview from a Defense Acquisition University Journal of the same title.

Balanced Scorecard and IT Strategy pdf451K

Balanced Scorecard is a powerful tool to focus an IT organization on the tactical delivery of value. Starting with a coherent and concise strategy, Balanced Scorecard provides the mechanism to construct objectives, measures, and targets to fulfill that strategy. Once the strategy has been defined, Balanced Scorecard also provides the means of tracing these objectives to projects and resources used to implement the projects.

Program Office Foundations pdf79K (A Work in Progress)

The create of a Program Office for the management of IT projects appears obvious at first. This presentation provides guidance for those attempting to create such an office.

Post Normal Science and eXtreme Programming pdf39K (A Work in Progress)

The current debate in the methodology circles is How can we understand eXtreme Programming in the context of normal science? With primarily anecdotal evidence XP and it's relatives have a hard time penetrating the traditional software development mindset. This presentation addresses some underlying epistemological issues with discussing XP using a normal science vocabulary.

Time Box Scheduling pdf 46K

Using time box scheduling is a powerful way to stay focused on the outcome and avoiding the pitfalls of estimating the about of time it will take. Instead an estimate of the amount of work that can be accomplished in a fixed amount of time is much easier.

When is Light Right? pdf252K (zipped) pdf 816K (unzipped)

The current buzz on the street is that XP is a revolution and is going to be the Next New Thing. DeMarco’s forward to the "Green Book," claims that XP "is the most important movement in our field today. I predict that it will be as essential to the present generations as the SEI and its CMM was to the last." This presentation, given at the April 23rd meeting the XP Denver, presented the issues surrounding the deployment of lightweight processes, including eXtreme Programming. We need to ask the question, "what is the appropriate development methodology for our specific project, the domain, the team, our stakeholders, our managers, and our stock holders?

Corba Event Management Enhancement pdf210K

Standard Corba ORBs provide a generic set of event management functions. These functions can be enhanced to support event typing, and event channels based on this typing. This presentation the accompanying paper was given at the 2001 EAI Conference sponsored by OMG, ,located at

Implementation Success Guaranteed pdf 278K

The components of a successful project are usually obvious after the fact. Discovering these components and managing the project within a framework of these components is a different story. This presentation provides a framework for successfully managing a Commercial Off The Shelf system integration project. Although aimed at Publishing Industry, there are useful guidelines for all COTS product integration efforts.

Workflow Systems Architecture pdf 77K

Workflow systems provide a unique set of tools for integrating heterogeneous system components. In order to build successful workflow based systems a methodology is needed control unnecessary creativity. This presentation lays the ground work for such a methodology.

System Architecture in the EDM/PDM Domain pdf 384K

System Architecture in the EDM/PDM Domain with slide notes pdf588K

The creation and management of system architecture has many dimensions. The domain of Document Management and Product Data Management creates unique requirements for the System Architect. This presentation outlines some of these requirements and methods used to address them. A reduced version of this paper "The Role of the Architect in EDM/PDM System Deployment," has been published in the January 2000 issue of Engineering Data Management Newsletter, pp. 5–7.

Project Breathalyzer pdf 20K

This checklist is derived from Software Program Managers Network materials. It should be posted on the door of every project manager, and checked every morning before work starts.

Simplicity is a summary from Edward DeBono's simplicity principles in Simplicity

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